The Productive Parenting app provides one new activity suggestion each day based on your child’s birthdate. Activities build on one another from infancy to age five to provide a solid foundation for learning and, at the same time, promote lasting parent-child relationships.

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“Productive Parenting delivers simple, creative, time-tested activities promoting parent-child interaction powered by a child's innate curiosity. The app provides an incredibly well organized platform to develop a child’s real world skills and confidence in an unhurried, multi-sensory, developmentally appropriate way.”

— John S. Hutton M.D.
Pediatrician, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Owner, Blue Manatee Children's Bookstore

“Pro Parent activities make me feel like I know what I’m doing. In addition to the learning concepts the activities introduce, they also provide a positive connection between my child and me each day.”

— Anna Luther
Founder, My Life and Kids Blog

“Productive Parenting activities provide the very foundation of abiding relationship and the development of solid identities. Any parent who is interested in growing children into their full potential must access Productive Parenting, share in its wonderful treasures and reap the rewards with their families.”

— Lu Hanessian, Author Let the Baby Drive: Navigating the Road of New Motherhood
Former NBC anchor and Host Make Room for Baby Discovery Health Channel
Founder of WYSH, Wear Your Spirit for Humanity

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After downloading the app simply enter your child’s birth date. You may enter more than one child in the same app. Immediately you will be presented with today's activity. Scroll forward or backward to access prior or future activities. Pin your favorites to Pinterest to repeat again and share with friends.

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Today's Sample Activity

Right and Left

Enjoy exploring a new language concept with your child today as you walk and drive. Check out today’s sample activity to see how every intersection provides an opportunity to practice and play.

To view this activity along with over 1800 other age-appropriate activities crafted by experts in child development, download the app. Click here to view a list of all activities.