Phases of the Moon by PRODUCTIVE PARENTING

The Phases of the Moon activity is typically appropriate for children 4 year(s), 3 months. This activity helps develop Concept Development, Classifying, Vocabulary Enrichment, Visual Discrimination skills.

Required Materials:


This fun science activity will give your child an opportunity to understand the moon and its phases. Discuss the changing look of the moon and how we call the changes "phases". Give your child 4 cookies, (circle shaped). Have your child take one small bite out of the first one. Show your child the shape that's left. Give your child the vocabulary word "gibbous" or 3/4 moon. Have your child eat about half of the next cookie and explain that this represents a half moon. Have your child eat about 3/4 of the next cookie and explain that this shape is called a "crescent" moon. Leave the last cookie whole and tell your child that it represents a full moon.

Show your child a calendar that marks the phases of the moon with pictures and compare your cookies to the pictures. Make a label for each phase. Show the pictures to your child and see if he/she can remember the matching vocabulary word. See which phase of the moon is currently occurring and look for it at bedtime.