The Mailman activity is typically appropriate for children 2 year(s), 6 months. This activity helps develop Sequencing, Language Development, Imagination, Social Development skills.

Required Materials:


Your child has seen the mailman come to your house; now it's your child's turn to play. Remember, role play helps your child understand the world. Take a piece of paper, have your child 'write,' (draw), on it, then put it in an envelope. Seal the envelope, address it to a family member, and put a sticker in the corner of the envelope. Have your child place the mail in the toy mailbox. The next day, have your child take it out of the mailbox and put it in the bag. "This letter is for daddy. Will you please deliver it to daddy's box?" (You can have a place in the house where you put each person's mail.)


You can write 'love' notes to your child, placing them in the mailbox before going to bed. In the morning, your child will be thrilled to see a note from you or another family member!

You can make your own mailbox by decorating a cardboard box.