Fire Safety

Target Age:
Early Three-Year Old
What To Do:

Understanding safety measures is an ongoing process. Fire safety is one that you may need to present to your child. Discuss the issue of fire safety in your home by listing the rules concerning matches, lighters, the stove, electrical outlets, etc. See if your child knows what to do if he/she would see a fire in your home. Discuss all the ways to get out of the house and where your child should go in the event of a fire. It is not too early to have a family plan for a fire emergency.


Take a trip to the fire station for a hands-on experience with fire safety from the experts.

You could practice the family emergency plan with your child by having the smoke detector sound. (If you feel this would be too frightening for your child, do it later.)

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Carrie Biales, M. Ed.
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