Finger Painting

Target Age:
Late Infant
Materials You Will Need:
yogurt, pudding, or cool whip
What To Do:
Finger painting provides a wonderful sensorial experience for your child. Place a scoop of yogurt, pudding, or cool whip on your child's high chair tray. Watch as your child enjoys moving the mixture around the tray and putting some in the mouth as well!
Fingerprint Recipe: Mix equal parts of flour and water. Add food coloring.
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Beth Bronsil, M. Ed.
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"We did a variation on this that worked really well. We used a baby-safe liquid soap placed inside a sturdy freezer bag. Then, we added food dye to the soap and sealed the bag tightly. After taping down all sides of the bag to his high chair tray, we let the baby 'paint' without having a mess to clean up. He loved it! "
Rosemary B, Lancaster, PA
"I agree about a paint that would be edible as the fingers are always in my son's mouth. I read to mix equal parts flour and water then add food coloring. This made a great "paint". "
Shannon, Rome, NY

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