Bean Bags

Target Age:
Middle One-Year Old
Materials You Will Need:
bean bags, laundry basket.
What To Do:

Tossing bean bags continues to be a favorite activity for children to enjoy. Locate a laundry basket and place it close to your child. Take turns throwing the bean bags into the basket. Move the basket further away for more challenge, if your child continues to be interested.


Place dried beans or macaroni in zip lock bags.  You may also try using tennis balls or another type of ball.

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"My 2 1/2 year old didn't seem to want to focus on this...and i thought it'd be such a good idea "
Teah D, Kenosha, WI
"Just call it what it is... baby cornhole! :-)"
Jason Hurley, Clarence Center, NY
"What a great idea - we love throwing things and this will give us the opportunity to focus on that skill and develop coordination in a fun way... and we can do it INSIDE - thank goodness, it's been raining for days and we need some new physical activities to do indoors! Great!"
Kyla's Mummy, Palm Beach, HI

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