Activity Categories

Daily Living Skills
This category promotes meaningful movement, concentration, independence, and order for children through experiences that emphasize a skill or process rather than a product. Children are given hands on experiences with common objects in order to teach them to care for themselves and their environment.
Exploring our World
This category presents a variety of activities that introduce the concepts of home, neighborhood, city, and the world at large. Children are encouraged to learn about their own community while developing an appreciation for other people and cultures. Social skills, geography concepts, responsibility, and environmental issues are also addressed.
Fun with Numbers
This category promotes counting, number recognition, patterning, geometry, measuring, and problem solving through real life situations and playful activities. These activities encourage exploration and understanding through the use of manipulatives and common household items.
Language/Pre Reading
This category addresses the emergence of language and literacy. It turns the attention of young children to print, letter names and sounds, oral communication, rhythm, and rhyme. It develops an appreciation for different types of literature, increases comprehension, and fosters an understanding of new words through meaningful experiences with books. In short, this area provides practical experiences with the key concepts needed for early literacy.
Science Adventures
This category fosters the natural curiosity that children have about the natural and physical world. It promotes understanding by allowing children to have meaningful investigations and interactions with real objects and phenomena. These experiences help children find meaning in their environment and relate new experiences to prior knowledge.
Sensory Experiences
This category is designed for children from newborn to the age of one. Throughout infancy children primarily use their senses to learn about the world. The sensory experiences found in this category provide opportunities for infants to use their senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch as they begin to explore their new environment.